First Baptist Church

Burbank, OK


Feeling the need of a Baptist Church in the Burbank Community, a group met in Burbank Community Church on Sunday August 14, 1932 to organize the First Baptist Church of Burbank. Charter members were: George, Dora, Fern and Fannie Waller; Snoden and Ersell Waller; Fred, Belle, Carl and Lyndon Vaught; Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Fritz; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rinehart; Mr. and Mrs. Clair D. Spears; Annie and Thelma Lieber; Mary Strader; Carrie Delane; and Ed Harris. On August 21, 1932, thirty-two more people united with the Church in baptism. On September 4, 1932, Mr. and Mrs. Shoden Waller were selected as messengers to the Delaware-Washington Association bearing a letter asking for the church to be accepted in fellowship with that association. On November 11, 1932 FBC of Burbank met in conference to secure a building to house a church. A building was purchased from the Apperson School Board and was moved onto the lots that have been purchased. Which is the present location of the church today.
In the afternoon of June 6, 1936, a tornado swept through Burbank demolishing homes, businesses, building, and claiming one life. The Burbank Baptist Church was among those destroyed and the parsonage was severely damaged. On June 17, 1936, the church had been rebuilt at a cost of $500.94, with Clarence and Dorothy Bellmard donating 95% of the volunteered labor.
On Oct. 10, 1948, the home of Fred and Belle Vaught was destroyed by fire while they were attending church. Mrs. Vaught was the church clerk, all records up to 1948 were destroyed.
On August 29, 1982, the 50th Anniverserary of the FBC of Burbank was observed with 80 in attendance for church service and over 100 guest were hosted by the church for a fellowship dinner. Special music was by “The Forgiven”.
On July 20, 1983, under the leadership of Pastor Mark Eakin work on an addition to the church. By mid November the work was finished and the only debt owed was $1000 on the carpeting. All the labor was donated. In August of 1983, a parsonage was purchased and on July 7, 1985 the final payment was made. Also, 1985, FBC was accepted into Kay Baptist Association.
On October 30, 1987, while Tracy Gates was pastor, new cushions were placed in the pews.
Bro. Dan Monks accepted the call to be our pastor on July 10, 1988. In November 1988, the first annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner was sponsored by the church and help at the City Hall and in March 1991, the first Easter Sunrise service was held at the Orval Moore home.
Rev. James Clare served as pastor from 1995-1998. During that time the church was completely rewired and a new electric hot water tank was put in.
Rev. Chris Cooper has served as pastor since September 9, 1998 until August 12, 2007. During his leadership, the church has installed a new metal roof, built a young adult classroom, a new sound system was purchased, steps were added to the north side of the building, with the help of Nancy Goad the sanctuary was painted and new drapes were hung, and new hymnals and pew Bibles were added. Then in September 10, 2000, a Ground-Breaking Ceremony was held for a new separate building for a Fellowship Hall. The building was completed in 2002 and was debt free in 2004. A new church sign was put up. Most recently, new windows have been installed into the church building and new metal siding has been put on the church.
Today, First Baptist Church gives 7% to the Cooperative Program and 7% to Associational Missions.
The Church continues annually to have a Harvest Party, Community Thanksgiving Dinner, and Easter Sunrise Service. The Church continues to seek His will reach this community and area to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

(This church history was taken from scrapbooks kept by Mary Strader over the years and then continued by Jessie Moore and then added by Minnie Moore. Also, Lu Means has been active in keeping the records up over the years.)